Discover the 5 pillars of true health and well being

In this course, I share the exact techniques I use to help my clients get unstuck and find health in the simplest ways possible. It is free to the public, so join today.

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Written Lessons

Here are some post I have written on subjects often asked by clients.

Paul uses an energy technique to find relief


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Client Testimonials

"Luis has helped me dig out of many challenges by helping me see beyond what I thought was happening. I feel healthier and am happier than I have ever been."


"Luis has helped me find more reasons to live than I have ever dreamed of and I cannot thank him enough."

Retired Engineer

"Luis has helped me resolve many health issues that the doctors said were not able to be cured. He is the first person I go to for insight on health challenges."


4 Phase Meditation Masterclass

In this class, I go over the exact 4 phases that every client should use to tap into a better version of themselves. Resetting the overall mechanics of breathing and mindfulness is one of the best ways to grow yourself deeply and truly. This program includes lifetime support for the life of the program.

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8 and 12 Brocade Training System

In this class, you will learn the 8 and 12 form brocades used to help with longevity and health. These videos are easy to follow and have support for the life of the program. This is a 90 day course designed to help you heal from the inside out. This type of membership will help you stay dedicated to the practice as well as continue to acquire knowledge on movement and health with steady reminders for that time.

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